Grand Chapter Awardees

Grand Chapter Awardees

Laurel Wreath Laureate (1924-2023)

The Laurel Wreath Award of Kappa Alpha Psi® is the highest award available to a member of the Fraternity for extra meritorious achievement that is at least national in scope and effect. The award consists of the Fraternity coat of arms enwreathed in laurel leaves – symbolic of the wreaths used by ancient Greeks to crown the victors in various contests – and a framed certificate of merit.
1st1924Elder Watson Diggs*EducatorFraternity
2nd1924Robert Sengstacke Abbott*Newspaper PublisherJournalism
3rd1926T. Giles Nutter*AttorneyPolitics
4th1926Archie A. Alexander*Civil EngineerEngineering
5th1929J. Ernest Wilkins*AttorneyAcademics & Fraternity
6th1935Byron Kenneth Armstrong*College ProfessorFraternity
7th1936Armond W. Scott*AttorneyJudiciary
8th1940Lionel F. Artis*Housing AdministratorJournal Editor
9th1944Clarence Leon Wilson*ObstetricianMedicine
10th1945W. Ellis Stewart*Insurance ExecutiveBusiness
11th1945C. C. Spaulding*Insurance ExecutiveBusiness
12th1946R. J. Jones*PhysicianBusiness
13th1947Leon A. Ransom*AttorneyAcademics
14th1948Earl B. Dickerson*AttorneyBusiness
15th1950George E. C. Hayes*AttorneyCivil Rights Law
16th1950Percy H. Lee*EducatorFraternity
17th1954Jesse M. Tinsley*DentistCivil Rights
18th1968Donald L. Hollowell*AttorneyCivil Rights
19th1968C. Rodger Wilson*Public AdministratorFraternity
20th1970Allison B. Henderson*PhysicianMedicine
21st1970W. Henry Greene*PhysicianFraternity
22nd1974Thomas Bradley*AttorneyPolitics
23rd1974James J. Henderson*Insurance ExecutiveFinance
24th1976Edward Giles Irvin*JournalistFraternity
25th1976Samuel P. Massie*College ProfessorChemical Research
26th1977W. Thomas Carter*College ProfessorFraternity
27th1977C. Felton Gayles*College AthleticsSports
28th1979Leon H. Sullivan*ClergymanBusiness & Civic
29th1979Daniel James Jr. **Military – [USAF General]Military
30th1980G. James Fleming*JournalistFraternity
31st1982Howard C. Barnhill*EducatorFraternity
32nd1982Richard B. MillspaughAttorneyFraternity
33rd1983Hilliary H. Holloway*AttorneyFraternity
34th1983A. Maceo Walker*Insurance ExecutiveCivil Rights
35th1985Elbert E. Allen*Dental SurgeonFraternity
36th1985Ernest H. Davenport*CPAFraternity
37th1986Irven Armstrong*EducatorFraternity
38th1986George W. Crockett, Jr.*US CongressmanPolitics
39th1986Arthur R. Ashe*Tennis ProfessionalCivil Rights
40th1988Frank M. Summers**AttorneyFraternity
41st1991Edward L. Ellois*College AdministratorCivic
42nd1991William L. Crump*College ProfessorFraternity
43rd1993Edward J. Perkins*US Foreign ServiceGovernment & Politics
44th1995Paul P. Cooke*College AdministratorCivic & Fraternity
45th1999Johnnie L. Cochran, Esq.*AttorneyLaw
46th1999Ullysess McBrideCollege AdministratorFraternity
47th1999Samuel D. Proctor**College ProfessorCivic
48th1999Oba B. White**PhysicianFraternity
49th2001Randall C. Bacon*Public AdministratorFraternity
50th2001Bernard C. Harris, Jr.AstronautAviation Science
51st2001Louis B. Stokes*AttorneyPolitics
52nd2003John Conyers*US CongressmanPolitics
53rd2003Henry E. FryeJudgeGovernment
54th2003Wellington E. WebbMayorPolitics
55th2005Cornelius W. Grant*College ProfessorCivic
56th2005Atty. Robert L. HarrisLawyerLaw
57th2005Carl WareCorporate ExecutiveBusiness
58th2005Dr. Bobby L. WilsonAcademicsScientific Research
59th2007Alcee L. Hastings*US CongressmanPolitics & Welfare
60th2007John E. JacobCorporate ExecutiveBusiness & Civil Rights
61st2007Williams G. Mays*IndustrialBusiness & Fraternity
62nd2007George L. Russell, Jr., Esq.LawyerLaw
63rd2009Dr. Carl E. AndersonCollege AdministratorCivic
64th2009Dr. Ralph J. Bryson*College ProfessorFraternity
65th2009Judge Nathaniel R. JonesJudgeLaw
66th2009Dr. Thomas A. MooreheadBusiness Entrepreneur Business & Entrepreneur 
67th2011Arthur Lloyd Carter*Federal GovernmentCivic
68th2011Michael Victor RobertsEntrepreneur Business
69th2011Ronald Young*Corporate ExecutiveFraternity
70th2013Alvin H. Crawford, MDPhysicianMedicine
71st2013Bennie G. ThompsonUS CongressmanPolitics
72nd2015General Dennis L. ViaMilitaryMilitary
73rd2017Rodney C. AdkinsCorporate ExecutiveBusiness & Entrepreneur 
74th2017Dr. Julian M. EarlsPhysicistScience
75th2019Samuel C. Hamilton*Corporate ExecutiveBusiness and Fraternity
76th2021Dwayne M. Murray, Esq.LawyerBusiness and Fraternity
77th2021Cleophus Thomas Jr.LawyerBusiness and Fraternity
78th2021Rev. Dr. Howard-John WesleyClergymanCivic
79th2023Gregory JacksonEntrepreneur Business
80th2023Edward Moore, Jr.MilitaryMilitary
81st2023Amos-León’ OtisEntrepreneur Business

Elder Watson Diggs Awardees (1958-2023)

The Elder Watson Diggs Award of Kappa Alpha Psi® is the second highest award available to a member of the Fraternity for meritorious achievement. The award consists of a gold medallion bearing a likeness of Founder Elder Watson Diggs and a framed certificate of merit.
1st1958Dr. John N. Williams*Philadelphia (PA) AlumniNorth Eastern
2nd1958Dr. Emmett T. Scales*Des Moines (IA) AlumniNorth Central
3rd1958Atty. Ulysses Plummer*Portland (OR) AlumniWestern
4th1961C. Felton Gayles*Langston (OK) AlumniMiddle Western
5th1961Dr. W. Henry Greene*Washington (DC) AlumniEastern
6th1961Dr. I. W. E. Taylor*Baltimore (MD) AlumniEastern
7th1973Dr. William L. Crump*Washington (DC) AlumniEastern
8th1973William R. Ford*Flint (MI) AlumniNorthern
9th1973Murray E. Jackson*Detroit (MI) AlumniNorthern
10th1973LaMont H. Lawson**Washington (DC) AlumniEastern
11th1973Dr. Oba B. White*Little Rock (AR) AlumniSouth Western
12th1974Charles J. Sudduth*Berkeley (CA) AlumniWestern
13th1974Bert V. Wadkins*Oklahoma City (OK) AlumniMiddle Western
14th1976Thomas E. Ashe Jr.*Beckley (WVA) AlumniMiddle Eastern
15th1976Joseph R. Jenkins*Savannah (GA) AlumniSoutheastern
16th1976Dr. Charles O. Stout*Philadelphia (PA) AlumniNorth Eastern
17th1977Sanford D. Bishop*Mobile (AL) AlumniSouthern
18th1977William H. Smith*Princess Anne (MD) AlumniEastern
19th1977James O. Whaley*San Diego (CA) AlumniWestern
20th1979Dr. E. Albert Dumas*Chicago (IL) AlumniNorth Central
21st1979C. Clifford Washington*Philadelphia (PA) AlumniNorth Eastern
22nd1979Art S. Williams*Tulsa (OK) AlumniMiddle Western
23rd1980Dr. James Egert Allen**New York (NY) AlumniNorth Eastern
24th1980Toussaint L. Hale**Birmingham (AL) AlumniSouthern
25th1980Dr. Herman J. Tyrance*Washington (DC) AlumniEastern
26th1980Robert L. Williams*Indianapolis (IN) AlumniNorth Central
27th1982Lenzi Barnes*Durham (NC) AlumniMiddle Eastern
28th1982James L. Bradford*Berkeley (CA) AlumniWestern
29th1982Carlyle H. Chapman*Baton Rouge (LA) AlumniSouth Western
30th1982Jay Crosby*Dayton (OH) AlumniEast Central
31st1982Woodrow W. Walston*Richmond (VA) AlumniEastern
32nd1983Dr. Herman P. Bailey*El Paso [TX]/Las Cruces (NM) AlumniSouth Western
33rd1983Edgar H. Bishop*Los Angeles (CA) AlumniWestern
34th1983Sylvester R. Hall*Washington (DC) AlumniEastern
35th1983Herbert C. King**Lawton/Fort Sill (OK) AlumniMiddle Western
36th1985James Carter Jr.*Washington (DC) AlumniEastern
37th1985George W. Cathcart*Detroit (MI) AlumniNorthern
38th1985Everharding Pruitt*Birmingham (AL) AlumniSouthern
39th1986Arthur L. Carter*Indianapolis (IN) AlumniNorth Central
40th1986George N. Charlton Jr.*Pittsburgh (PA) AlumniEast Central
41st1986Thomas E. Howard*Shreveport (LA) AlumniSouth Western
42nd1988Henry E. Bennett Sr.*Gary (IN) AlumniNorth Central
43rd1988Dr. Cornelius W. Grant*Albany (GA) AlumniSoutheastern
44th1988Charles G. Tildon*Baltimore (MD) AlumniEastern
45th1989Peter Butler*Los Angeles (CA) AlumniWestern
46th1989Nathan J. Cooley*Gary (IN) AlumniNorth Central
47th1989Julius A. Lockett*Atlanta (GA) AlumniSoutheastern
48th1989Judge James A. Overton**Norfolk (VA) AlumniEastern
49th1991William G. Mays*Indianapolis (IN) AlumniNorth Central
50th1993Dr. Joseph Bruton*Washington (DC) AlumniEastern
51st1993Donald E. Grace*Austin (TX) AlumniSouth Western
52nd1993Crawford E. Lane*Rocky Mount (NC) AlumniMiddle Eastern
53rd1993Edward Shelton Jr*Vallejo-Fairfield (CA) AlumniWestern
54th1993Louis N. Willis*Louisville (KY) AlumniSouth Central
55th1995Dr. James B. Abram Jr.*Oklahoma City (OK) AlumniMiddle Western
56th1995Dr. Ralph T. Bryson*Montgomery (AL) AlumniSouthern
57th1995James M. Graves*Charleston (SC) AlumniSoutheastern
58th1995Dr. Oscar L. Mims*Washington (DC) AlumniEastern
59th1997Dr. K. Bernard ChaseHyattsville/Landover (MD) AlumniEastern
60th1997Sterling H. Dover*Seattle (WA) AlumniWestern
61st1997Dr. Ivory JohnsonSt Louis (MO) AlumniMiddle Western
62nd1997William H. Lockhart*Opelousas (LA) AlumniSouth Western
63rd1999Atty. Richard Clark*Washington (DC) AlumniEastern
64th1999Dr. Melvin Jackson*Philadelphia (PA) AlumniNorth Eastern
65th1999James Mosby*Indianapolis (IN) AlumniNorth Central
66th1999Samuel F. Sampson*San Antonio (TX) AlumniSouth Western
67th1999Charles Smith*Detroit (MI) AlumniNorthern
68th2001William M. Blakeney*Charlotte (NC) AlumniMiddle Eastern
69th2001Mark Canty Jr.*Philadelphia (PA) AlumniNorth Eastern
70th2001Willard H. Douglas Jr.Richmond (VA) AlumniEastern
71st2001Leonard H. Morton*Nashville (TN) AlumniSouth Central
72nd2001Judge Carl Walker Jr.*Houston (TX) AlumniSouth Western
73rd2003Dr. David M. Dupree*Augusta (GA) AlumniSoutheastern
74th2003Myron L. HardimanIndianapolis (IN) AlumniNorth Central
75th2003Thomas E. Howard, Jr.*Detroit (MI) AlumniNorthern
76th2003Winfred R. Mundle, Sr., Esq.Washington (DC) AlumniEastern
77th2003Cleophus Thomas, Jr.Anniston-Piedmont AlumniSouthern
78th2005Rev. Raymond A. Booton*Charlotte (NC) AlumniMiddle Eastern
79th2005Calvin D. HeardDayton (OH) AlumniEast Central
80th2005W. Kenneth JacksonAtlanta (GA) AlumniSoutheastern
81st2005Emerson A. LattimoreDallas (TX) AlumniSouth Western
82nd2005Dr. Keflyn X. Reed*Mobile (AL) AlumniSouthern
83rd2007Rhen C. BassVentura (CA) AlumniWestern
84th2007William E. Hooker*Raleigh (NC) AlumniMiddle Eastern
85th2007James C. MitchellDallas (TX) AlumniSouth Western
86th2007Eric S. MorrisPittsburgh (PA) AlumniEast Central
87th2007Mark A. Scott, Esq.Atlanta (GA) AlumniSoutheastern
88th2009Donald C. BlandFayetteville (AR) AlumniMiddle Western
89th2009Dr. Chuck Carr BrownBaton Rouge (LA) AlumniSouth Western
90th2009Willie H. Coleman, Jr., Esq.Houston (TX) AlumniSouth Western
91st2009Dr. Frank S. EmanuelJacksonville (FL) AlumniSouthern
92st2009Clarence F. Nelson, Jr.Norfolk (VA) AlumniEastern
93nd2011Terrance G. Blount, CLV, CFCWashington (DC) AlumniEastern
94rd2011William B. CroomWoodbridge (VA) AlumniEastern
95th2011Charles W. Morgan IIIWitchita (KS) AlumniMiddle Western
96th2011Earl B. Tildon*Winter Park (FL) AlumniSouthern
97th2011Alfred E. WhiteWinston-Salem (NC) AlumniMiddle Eastern
98th2013George F. David III*Baltimore (MD) AlumniEastern
99th2013Jonathan P. Hicks*New York (NY) AlumniNorth Eastern
100th2013Col. John M. Jenkins, Ph.D.Bowie/Mitchellville (MD) AlumniEastern
101st2013Ocie C. Pleasant, Jr.Memphis (TN) AlumniSouth Central
102nd2015Alvin L. BarringtonNew Orleans (LA) AlumniSouth Western
103rd2017Kevin C. CoxOklahoma City (OK) AlumniMiddle Western
104th2017Michael J. DuboseDecatur (GA) AlumniSoutheastern
105th2017Sheldon McAlpinCharlottee (NC) AlumniMiddle Eastern
106th2017Dr. Edward Scott IITallahassee (FL) AlumniSouthern
107th2017Melvin SolomonAtlanta (GA) AlumniSoutheastern
108th2019Willie F. Brooks Jr.Memphis (TN) AlumniSouth Central
109th2019John F. BurrellJacksonville (FL) AlumniSouthern
110th2019Edward K. Glass, Jr.Detroit (MI) AlumniNorthern
111th2019Robert W. Scales, Jr.Murfreesboro (TN) AlumniSouth Central
112th2019Richard Lee SnowPhiladelphia (PA) AlumniNorth Eastern
113th2021Joseph K. Davis Jr.Durham (NC) AlumniMiddle Eastern
114th2021William H. FieldsColumbus (OH) AlumniEast Central
115th2021Warren D. MillerJackson (MS) AlumniSouth Western
116th2021Johnny S. Newman IIDanville (VA) AlumniEastern
117th2021Ronald E. RangeNorthport (AL) AlumniSouthern
118th2023Kevin Lenel BurnettRichardson Plano (TX) AlumniSouth Western
119th2023Linnes W. Finney Jr., Esq.Fort Pierce (FL) AlumniSouthern
120th2023Kevin J. JohnsonPontiac (MI) AlumniNorthern
121st2023Earl F. MerrittHarrisburg (PA) AlumniNorth Eastern
122nd2023Curtis R. Silvers Jr.Pasadena (CA) AlumniWestern

Guy Levis Grant Awardees (1976-2023)

The Guy Levis Grant Award of Kappa Alpha Psi® is the highest award available exclusively to a non-alumni member of the Fraternity for meritorious achievement. The award consists of a gold medallion bearing a likeness of Founder Guy Levis Grant and a framed certificate of merit. A duplicate framed certificate of merit is also presented to the chapter of affiliation of the recipient.
Number Year Name College/University Chapter
1st 1976 Stephen Alexander* Langston (OK) University Alpha Pi
2nd 1976 Joseph Jimerson University of Southern California Beta Omega
3rd 1976 Walter L. Peacock Univ. of Louisville (KY) Alpha Omicron
4th 1976 Cleophus Thomas Jr. University of Alabama Eta Chi
5th 1977 Donald Davis South Carolina State University Alpha Lambda
6th 1977 Henry Lewis Morgan State University Alpha Iota
7th 1979 S. Andre Rice South Carolina State University Alpha Lambda
8th 1980 Anthony Hill Langston (OK) University Alpha Pi
9th 1980 Collis Ivery III Alabama State University Beta Zeta
10th 1982 Thomas A. George III Western Kentucky University Epsilon Rho
11th 1982 Gary D. Gold Indiana University Alpha
12th 1982 Keflyn Reed* University of Alabama Eta Chi
13th 1983 Aaron L. Addrow-Pierson Oakland (MI) University Kappa Upsilon
14th 1983 Mark D. Rigsby Texas Southern University Beta Upsilon
15th 1985 Robert I. Mayes Jackson (MS) State University Delta Delta
16th 1986 Murrell W. Blackburn University of Missouri Iota Omega
17th 1986 Richard A. Naylor II American University Kappa Chi
18th 1988 D. Jason DeSousa Morgan State University Alpha Iota
19th 1988 Christopher W. C. Salley University of Pennsylvania Delta Eta
20th 1988 Karl E. White Florida A & M University Alpha Xi
21st 1989 David Ramon Adams MIT Theta Iota
22nd 1989 Richard Edwards Hampton University Beta Chi
23rd 1991 Willie H. Harris Jr. Alabama State University Beta Zeta
24th 1991 Kenneth S. Pugh University of North Carolina Theta Omicron
25th 1991 Tarrus Richardson Purdue University Nu
26th 1991 Derrick Williams Yale University Nu Gamma
27th 1993 Gregory B. Atkins University of Virginia Eta Sigma
28th 1993 Samuel J. Boyd Jr. North Carolina A & T State University Alpha Nu
29th 1993 Reginald R. Jackson University of Georgia Zeta Iota
30th 1995 Damon O. Barry University of Washington Gamma Eta
31st 1995 Craig A. Robinson Emory University Nu Delta
32nd 1997 Terry B. Greene Claflin (SC) College Gamma Nu
33rd 1997 Jwyanza B. Nuriddin Florida State University Theta Eta
34th 1997 Anthony F. Powell Florida State University Theta Eta
35th 1999 Terry Eaton University of No. Carolina – Charlotte Zeta Delta
36th 1999 John Kuykendall III University of Arkansas Gamma Sigma
37th 1999 Uhriel Wood Claflin College Gamma Nu
38th 2001 Travis D. Boyce Claflin College Gamma Nu
39th 2001 Sean E. Bradley Stephen F. Austin State University Mu Sigma
40th 2001 Aaron J. Burt Morgan State University Alpha Iota
41st 2001 Brett D. Cook Florida State University Theta Eta
42nd 2001 Andy S. Heniquez Florida State University Theta Eta
43rd 2001 Christopher R. Wilks Fayetteville State University Epsilon Beta
44th 2003 Enyinna O. Anthony Morgan State University Alpha Iota
45th 2003 Nathaniel Frederick, II Claflin University Gamma Nu
46th 2003 Dramaine Irions University of Oregon Delta Alpha
47th 2003 Steven J. Pritchett Florida State University Theta Eta
48th 2003 Steven A. Smith Florida State University Theta Eta
49th 2003 Walter H. Zinn, II Millsaps College Omicron Omicron
50th 2005 Olaolu O. Davis-Balogun University of Houston-Downtown Omicron Xi
51st 2005 Anthony Nelson Hylick Georgia Institute of Technology Lamda Delta
52nd 2005 Samuel James Laurencin University of Pennsylvania Delta Eta
53rd 2005 Larry L. London, Jr. University of Illinois Beta
54th 2005 Gary Wayne Overstreet, Jr. University of Louisville Alpha Omicron
55th 2005 Tourgee D. Simpson, Jr. Georgia State University Kappa Theta
56th 2007 Jason A. Caraballo American University Kappa Chi
57th 2007 Charles H.F. Davis Florida State University Theta Eta
58th 2007 Jared J. Dawson Indiana University Alpha
59th 2007 Mark C. McLawhorn University of S.C. at Columbia Zeta Epsilon
60th 2007 Nikul A. Parikh University of Georgia Zeta Iota
61st 2007 O. Jerome Stewart University of Minnesota Psi
62nd 2009 Michael J.A. Davis George Mason University Mu Mu
63rd 2009 Myron L. Rolle Florida State University Theta Eta
64th 2009 Charles E. Morris Sims Morgan State University Alpha Iota
65th 2009 Michael A. Thomas, Jr. Paine College Epsilon Psi
66th 2009 Darryl Tricksey University of Georgia Zeta Iota
67th 2009 Edward H. Williams Howard University Xi
68th 2011 Marvin Desmond Carr Morgan State University Alpha Iota
69th 2011 Darius Law University of NC Charlotte Zeta Delta
70th 2011 Amar Parikh University of Georgia Zeta Iota
71st 2011 Danny A. Rojas Boston University Chi
72nd 2011 Kristerpher J. Smith Middle Tennessee State University Eta Gamma
73rd 2013 Terry L. Allen University of California Gamma Alpha
74th 2013 Christopher A. Grant University of Maryland Coll. Park Theta Theta
75th 2013 Cordy B. McGill Scarlett Florida State University Theta Eta
76th 2013 Brennan McMurry University of Tennessee Knoxville Mu Rho
77th 2013 Marcellus C. Taylor Penn State University Harrisburg Pi Psi
78th 2013 Jeremy L. Williams Vanderbilt University Theta Theta
79th 2015 Wilton C. Jackson II University of Southern Miss Kappa Iota
80th 2015 Kyle Julien Henley Majors Alabama A&M University Gamma Phi
81st 2015 Damariye LaQuan Smith Cal State University Sacramento Iota Beta
82nd 2015 Ryan Edward Tucker Southern University Alpha Sigma
83rd 2017 Aaron Dwayne Dixon Alabama A&M Gamma Phi
84th 2017 Shyheme T. McElroy University of Iowa Gamma
85th 2017 Solomon Puryear Middle Tennessee State University Eta Gamma
86th 2017 Chase Rollins Depaul University Xi Rho
87th 2017 Robert Seniors III Florida A&M University Alpha Xi
88th 2017 Denzel Washington Vanderbilt University Nu Rho
89th 2019 Frank Burns Jr. Austin Peay University Theta Beta
90th 2019 Christopher G. Cross University of Mississippi Lambda Pi
91th 2019 Alexander Dawes Davidson College Pi Mu
92nd 2019 Ivan Garcia Illinois State University Kappa Alpha
93rd 2019 Cody E. Mitchell Virginia State University Alpha Phi
94th 2019 Dominique W. Riggins Claflin University Gamma Nu
95th 2021 Elijah C. Vaughn, Jr. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Theta Iota
96th 2021 Jermias E. Elston Tennessee State University Alpha Theta
97th 2021 Tre’R. Jeter Caflin University Gamma Nu
98th 2021 Daniel I. Nixon Iowa St. University Omega
99th 2021 Traelon T. Rodgers Dillard University Beta Gamma
100th 2021 Micheal N. Weaver Kentucky State University Alpha Upsilon
101st 2023 Bryce T. Dickerson The North Carolina A&T State University Alpha Nu
102nd 2023 Evan R. Jackson Brown University Lambda Xi
103rd 2023 Kevin Taylor-Jarrell II Southern University Alpha Sigma
104th 2023 Austyn D. Lee Arizona State University Gamma Iota
105th 2023 Myles Chandler Miller University of Toledo Beta Xi
106th 2023 Jordan Ware University of Louisville Alpha Omicron

Byron K. Armstrong Awardees (1983 – 2023)

The Byron Kenneth Armstrong Award of Kappa Alpha Psi® is the highest award available exclusively to a non-alumni member of the Fraternity for academic achievement. The award includes a scholarship determined by the Grand Board of Directors funded by the Kappa Alpha Psi® Foundation.
1st1983Duane A. CooperGeorgia Institute of TechnologyLamda Delta
2nd1983Joseph W. ShepherdAlabama State UniversityBeta Zeta
3rd1983Bruce PorterfieldAlabama State UniversityBeta Zeta
4th1985Robert E. BanksAlabama State UniversityBeta Zeta
5th1985Herman Jones, Jr.Alabama State UniversityBeta Zeta
6th1985Leon N. DavisOakland UniversityKappa Upsilon
7th1988Edward E. Dickerson, IVWest Virgina State CollegeTau
8th1989Kirk GilpinPrairie View A&M UniversityZeta Beta
9th1989Kevin BruceMemphis State UniversityKappa Beta
10th1989Marvin WaltonNorth Carolina A&T UniversityAlpha Nu
11th1991Kevin M. DavisUniversity of North CarolinaTheta Omicron
12th1991Kevin T. BruceUniversity of MemphisKappa Beta
13th1991Kirk GilpinPrairie View A & M UniversityZeta Beta
14th1993Kevlin B. SiglerAlabama State UniversityBeta Zeta
15th1995Shannon RowleyHuston-Tillotson CollegeGamma Lambda
16th1995Craig A. RobinsonEmory UniversityNu Delta
17th1997Anthony F. PowellFlorida State UniversityTheta Eta
18th1997Victor GuinyardClaflin CollegeGamma Nu
19th1999Uhriel E. WoodClaflin CollegeGamma Nu
20th1999Victor GuinyardClaflin CollegeGamma Nu
21st2001DeMarco D. MorganJackson State UniversityDelta Delta
22nd2003Patrick D. CarpenterSouthern UnversityAlpha Sigma
23rd2003Gregory L. StarksClaflin UniversityGamma Nu
24th2005Martin Lemelle, Jr.Grambling State UniversityGamma Psi
25th2007Cedrick D. SmithGeorgia State UniversityKappa Theta
26th2007L. B. Jeter, Jr.University of LA at MonroeEta Pi
27th2007Brandon L. MackClaflin UniversityGamma Nu
28th2009Joshua Lamar HarrisMorehouse CollegePi
29th2009Charles E. Morris SimsMorgan State UniversityAlpha Iota
30th2009Michael A. ThomasPaine CollegeEpsilon Pi
31st2011Darius LawUniversity of NC CharlotteZeta Delta
32nd2011Ali OsmanMoorehouse CollegePi
33rd2011Clifton K. ThomasClemson UniversityKappa Lambda
34th2013Cordy Britton McGillFlorida State UniversityTheta Eta
35th2013Marckenley IsaacFlorida State UniversityTheta Eta
36th2013Grady Lee HartAlbany State CollegeDelta Xi
37th2015Wilton C. Jackson IIUniversity of Southern MississippiKappa Iota
38th2015James RhodeFlorida State UniversityTheta Eta
39th2015Kyle J.H. MajorsAlabama A&MGamma Phi
40th2017Adebobola V. OwoseniPaul Quinn CollegeLambda Lambda
41st2017Christopher Weathers IIMorehouse CollegePi
42nd2017Shyhmeme McElroyUniversity of IowaGamma
43rd2019Ivan GarciaIllinois State UniversityKappa Alpha
44th2019Andre J. EarlsWiley CollegeAlpha Chi
45th2019Cody E. MitchellVirginia StateAlpha Phi
46th2021Traelon T. RodgersDillard UniversityBeta Gamma
47th2021Olufemi A. OlatidoyeNorth Carolina A & T UniversityAlpha Nu
48th2021Victor O. AgbarUniversity of Maryland College ParkTheta Theta
49th2021Tevyn C. JohnsonTennessee State UniversityAlpha Theta
50th2021Elijah C. Vaughn, Jr.Massechuesettes Institue of TechnologyTheta Iota
51st2023Jhacolby D. WilliamsAlcorn State UniversityGamma Pi
52nd2023NL Transou IIIRust CollegeZeta Omicron
53rd2023Correggio L. Peagler Jr.North Carolina A&T State UniversityAlpha Nu
54th2023Zachary LaDerek CartledgeClemson UniversityKappa Lambda
55th2023Bright TsagliBrown UniversityLambda Xi
56th2023Myles Chandler MillerUniversity of ToledoBeta Xi

The Paul Waymond Caine Award (2023)

The Paul Waymond Caine Award of Kappa Alpha Psi® is the highest award available to an alumni chapter chartered by the Fraternity for exemplary service to the community.  Chapters are selected based on the size of their membership-Small (10-30 members)/Medium (31-60 members)/Large (61 members or more).

Large Chapter
The Charlotte (NC) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi® (ME)

Medium Chapter
The Pittsburgh (PA) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi® (EC)

Small Chapter
The Hartford (CT) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi® (NE)

The Edward Giles Irvin Award (2023)

The Edward Giles Irvin Award of Kappa Alpha Psi® is the highest award available to an undergraduate chapter chartered by the Fraternity for exemplary service to the community.  Chapters are selected based on the size of their membership- Small (7-20 members)/Medium 21-30 members)/Large (31 members or more).

Large Chapter
The University of Arkansas Pine Bluff Chapter, the Gamma Sigma of Kappa Alpha Psi® (SW)

Medium Chapter
The North Carolina A&T University Chapter, the Alpha Nu of Kappa Alpha Psi® (ME)

Small Chapter
The University of California @ Berkeley Chapter the Gamma Alpha of Kappa Alpha Psi® (W)

Founders’ Chapter Advisor Award (2023)

Large Chapter – Marvin R. Walker
The University of Arkansas Pine Bluff Chapter, the Gamma Sigma of Kappa Alpha Psi® (SW)

Medium Chapter – Thomas E. Sinclair, III
The North Carolina A&T University Chapter, the Alpha Nu of Kappa Alpha Psi® (ME)

Small Chapter – Tyrone Guillory
The University of California @ Berkeley Chapter the Gamma Alpha of Kappa Alpha Psi® (W)

The Distinguished Citizen Award (2023)

The Distinguished Citizen Award of Kappa Alpha Psi® honors individuals in the cities where the Grand Chapter Meetings are held for their outstanding services and contributions to their communities and professions.  Presentation of the award will take place During the Public Meeting on Tuesday, July 18, 2023 at the Tampa Convention Center during the 86th Grand Chapter Meeting.

76th – Belinthia A. Berry, MS 
Dean of Workforce Development at St. Petersburg College
Tampa, FL

77th –  Estrellita Berry, MA 
President and CEO of REACHUP, Inc.
Tampa, FL

78th – Dr. Dexter M. Fredrick, MD 
Founder and CEO of Brian Expansions Scholastic Training, Inc (B.E.S.T)
Tampa, FL

79th – Lesley J. Miller, Jr., L.H.D.  
Principal at Shumaker Advisors Florida, LLC.
Tampa, FL

80th – Kevin B. Sneed, PharmD, FNAP, FNPHA  
Professor and Founding Dean of the USF Health Taneja College of Pharmacy
Tampa, FL

The Humanitarian Award (2023)

56th – The Honorable Hakeem Sekou Jeffries
Democrat Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives 

57th – Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett
National Institutes of Health (Forefront of development of the COVID-19 vaccine)

58th – Clearwater Free Clinic
Clearwater, FL

59th – Danny Manu
British-Ghanaian Engineer and Tech Entrepreneur

60th – The Tennessee Three-politicians
Gloria Johnson, Knoxville/Justin Jones, Nashville/Justin Pearson, Memphis

The Ronald R. Young Website of the Year Award (2023)

The Ronald R. Young Website of the Year Award of Kappa Alpha Psi® is the Grand Chapter award available to provinces and chapters for outstanding websites. Chapters are selected based on the size of their membership.

Province Recipient
North Central Province

Undergraduate Large Chapter Recipient 
The Tennessee State University Chapter, the Alpha Theta of Kappa Alpha Psi®

Undergraduate Medium Chapter Recipient  
The Alcorn State University Chapter, the Gamma Pi of Kappa Alpha Psi®

Alumni Large Chapter Recipient
The Cleveland (OH) Alumni Chapter (EC)

Alumni Medium Chapter Recipient
The Germantown (TN) Alumni Chapter (SC)

Alumni Small Chapter Recipient
The Erie (PA) Alumni Chapter (EC)

The William L. Crump History Award

The William L. Crump History Award was established to create a greater interest in, knowledge of and appreciation for the expanding history of Kappa Alpha Psi®® Fraternity, Inc.  This award is dedicated to our former Grand Historian William L. Crump, who served in this position for 30 years maintaining the legacy of our great Fraternity.  A medal designed by Nathan Cooley of the Gary (IN) Alumni Chapter, and a certificate is available to be awarded to a maximum of (3) Undergraduate and (3) Alumni winners. 


Reclamation Award


* = Chapter Invisible Member
** = Awarded posthumously